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The Resident Commissioner meets expectations

The ex-president of the Puerto Rican House of Representatives revels in high approval ratings among her party and non-affiliates

El Nuevo Día
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The Resident Commissioner in Washington D.C., Jenniffer González, with 47% of acceptance, has the highest approval rate among any other elected official measured  in El Nuevo Día poll.

Almost half of the survey participants, which took place between May 24th and  26th 2017, said they “approve” González’s work as a Resident Commissioner, against a 29% that “disapprove” her, a 19% that “neither approve nor disapprove her” and another 5% that didn’t know how to evaluate her.

The most recent El Nuevo Día poll was conducted through face-to-face interviews all over the Island, house to house, with a representative sample of a thousand participants with voting rights and at least 18 years old, one per household.

Backed by her own people

The approval rate for González as a Resident Commissioner comes from the ranks of her own community, the New Progressive Party (NPP), with  a 78%.

However, the former representative also gets approval from other segments, like a 37% of non affiliated, 19% of minority parties affiliated members and independent candidates, and 11% of the Popular Democratic Party (PPD, Spanish acronym) affiliated members.

González disapproval levels are higher amongst the PPD affiliated members, with 61%, and the minority parties affiliated members, with 54%.

González’s acceptance surpasses Pierluisi’s

González approval rate, of 47%, places her above Pedro Pierluisi’s, who only got a 36% approval rate in April 2013’s survey, when he was in the same position in Washington D.C.

In this regard, the disapproval rate for González’s work as Resident Commissioner, of 29%, is lower than the one obtained by the former President of the NPP four years ago, with 34%. In the same way, those who “neither approve nor disapprove” González’s work, with 19%, are less than the ones who thought likewise regarding Pierluisi as a Resident Commissioner in April 2013, which represented a 25% of the total.   

Not a disappointment

40% of the survey’s participants consider her performance during this first five months of work  the “equal” as it was expected to be.

Meanwhile, 28% believe it has been “worse” than expected,  26% think it has been “better” than expected and the remaining 6% didn’t know where to stand on the subject.

In the New Progressive Party (NPP) ranks, 45% feel González has exceeded the expectations, 44% believe the Resident Commissioner has behaved “as it was expected” and 7% sense that she hasn’t fulfilled the expectations.