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Little Knowledge about the Debt Restructuring

El Nuevo Día
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Despite the fact that in early May, Governor Ricardo Rosselló requested the protection of Title III of the PROMESA Federal Law, thus making Puerto Rico the first jurisdiction of the United States to invoke a mechanism similar to bankruptcy, participants of The Poll admit having little knowledge of this topic.

Specifically, only 3% said they "know a lot" about the issue of the protection of  PROMESA Title III. Another 9% noted that "they know enough", which would add up to 12% with some degree of knowledge.

This proportion does not show differences by demographic variables. The only trend is by level of schooling, rising from 9% among those with a high school degree or less to 18% among university graduates.

On the other hand, a majority of 62% accepted that "know little" about this issue and a quarter, 26% said that "know nothing."

Bankruptcy support

A fraction of 41% of participants of The Nuevo Día Poll is "in favor" of the request for Puerto Rico to invoke what would be the equivalent of a bankruptcy.

This is in contrast to the 32% who answered "against" this move and 24% who relied on a more neutral response saying that they are "neither for or against" this request. The remaining 3% declined to answer this question.